Introduction to the Allison Izu re-brand

The last month or so has been an eye-opening experience for me, maybe it’s because I’m getting older or because this year is my brand’s 10 year anniversary. The nostalgia has gotten me reading a lot and diving deeper into who I am and what the Allison Izu brand is also.

When I started this brand, it was because at 5’ 1 3/4”, I felt unseen and unheard in the fashion industry (and sometimes in life) - I wore higher heels, made my voice louder, and my ambitions stronger, so that I could “measure up”, to appear bigger, taller, stronger.

I’ve realized, feeling unseen and unheard is not about being physically small (or petite), it’s about feeling small on the inside. It’s about feeling like you don’t belong or maybe you don’t measure up to what is shown in the media, TV and magazines. Feeling like you’re the only one who struggles with a growing mid-section, or the extra cellulite on her things, or how the body has aged . . . but I realized I’m not alone. We all feel these things at some point in our lives and instead of feeling shame about it, we can come together to feel seen and heard.

I had an Oprah AHA moment - I realized my life’s purpose was to help women (including myself) to feel POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT, & SEXY in their current bodies. Not when you lose 10 pounds, or after you commit to that yoga class, right now - as is. I had always thought my purpose was to be a fashion designer - to make pretty clothes. But through this month of inner growth, I realized that I could use my knowledge of clothing, fit, fabric, function
to create a bigger purpose.

Through the Allison Izu brand, I can show women (just like you and I) that they are not alone, that their body shape or weight does not define them or their self-worth. Together, we can let go of the body shaming and self deprecating words we use to describe ourselves. We are entering a time in history, where we have an opportunity to rise up and accept who we are, so that we can live a full life!

It all starts with ourselves, and I have started to figure out who is ALLISON IZU (the person and the brand). The evolution started to look something like this . . .

A- Triangle Body Type
LL - Rectangle Body Type
I - Slim Body Type
S - Curvy Hourglass Body Type
O - Apple Body Type
N - Inverted Triangle Body Type

Let’s start understanding our bodies and start loving who we are. Stay tuned for further discussion . . .

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